Fliegen (Englisch)

Christine Wüthrich
Jhrg. 1962, Uster

Verlag: swiboo.ch
ISBN: 978-3-906112-54-1


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The story of an elf and a bird
Hardcover, 36 Seiten

“FLIEGEN” – “FLYING” is the story of a bird who no longer wants to fly and settles in a garden. There he meets a little elf with no wings whose greatest wish is to be able to fly. In the end the bird and the elf find something neither of them would ever have dreamed of.
Christine Wüthrich wrote this story and also produced the illustrations for it. She was born in 1962 and grew up in the Lake Zurich area. After qualifying as a nursery teacher at training college in Zurich, she worked with children at nursery schools in the city for 30 years. During this time, she married and had two daughters. She is now a grandmother with three granddaughters.
In her youth Christine Wüthrich’s artwork consisted of silhouette papercuts, which she also exhibited. She designed Christmas cards for the children’s charity Pro Juventute and a little book of paper silhouettes was published.
Over the years Christine Wüthrich has made increasing use of colour in her art and today works only with crayons and pastels.