Thomas Baumann, Raoul Schmid, Stefan Essig & The SMOPP-Team

ISBN: 978-3906112-97-8


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Manual on diagnosis and therapy of developmental dysplasia of the infant hip
Softcover 170 x 240 mm, 172 Seiten

This book is a practical and authorative manual teaching sonography of the infant hip. The book is based on the modified Graf’s technique and the author’s past 30 years experience. It is aimed at the practitioner/neonatologist caring for newborn children and young infants. It is easy to read, has a user-friendly layout and is packed with a wealth of illustrations and useful annotations.
Sonography of infant hips for screening and diagnosing DDH and dysplasia has become of increasing importance in recent years in developing countries and is already established as “gold standard” in developed countries. In many European countries today this technique is used as general screening tool for all newborns or infants.
The first part of this book includes the fundamentals of hip anatomy, pathology, epidemiology and aetiology. Futher chapters discuss conventional diagnosis (clinical and/or X-ray) and the superiority of sonography.The core chapter for the scholar of hip sonography is the practical step by step guide on sonography rounded up with hints how to avoid common mistakes. The book explains the new and simpler ABCD system for diagnosis and successful therapy and is therefore indispensable for everyone dealing with infant hip screening, diagnosing and treating DDH and dysplasia.

Equipment for hip ultrasound, image projection, anatomy and ultrasound of the normal infant hip joint, ultrasound characteristics of the different tissues in the region of the hip joint, standards of reporting, measurement techniques, definition of types and groups, quality management, HipScreen, treatment recommendations, prognosis of treated hips and follow up, cost benefit and literature.